The Resource Center is an online portal run by the National Inventors Hall of Fame, providing information and resources for the partners running its education programs.
The existing site was packed with information but hard to understand, and I was on a team assembled to overhaul it.
• R&D
• Design
The old Resource Center
The site needed to include metrics, a roster, a searchable document database, and an array of other information for each program location.
We conceptualized the new site like an app, keeping in mind that roughly 50% of the current site's traffic was from mobile devices.
At some point someone mentioned how fun it would be to let people change their profile picture to different avatars that "unlocked" as their metrics reached certain benchmarks. 
This fit the wacky attitude of our programs and didn't add much development time, so we built it in.

Only the most elite performers unlock 80s Rock Orange.

User feedback was very positive.
"Honestly, the other site was not user-friendly at all. I got this the minute I looked at it." 
- Program Director
"I LOVE, LOVE, that we can see director dashboards by just entering in their email. It is SUPER fast and easy. Thank you!!!!!" 
- Program Team Member
"Ok, I just opened it and immediately am in awe. I LOVE IT. I am sooooo happy there is no separate login for me to view the roster, that is awesome. I am loving the dashboard so far!! Whoop whoop!!!!" 
- Program Team Member
"Oh man...the new website is awesome! A big upgrade and already making its ease of use apparent to me. Pass along my thanks to your team :)" 
Program Director
Concept sketches
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